Colorado Mountain Elopement | Twin Lakes and Leadville, CO

The crisp air by Twin Lakes foretold the changing of seasons, anticipating winter with a dusting of snow in the mountains. As for Vanessa and Marcus, they had been anticipating long enough. Wanting to unite their lives with minimal frills and maximal beauty—in short, with the authenticity of their love—they drove from Chicago to Colorado for a self-solemnization elopement high in the mountains. I have no idea what they vowed to each other (in such moments I give couples their space), but the thoughtfulness and care with which they approached this moment gave everything the feel of being exactly as it should be.

As the sun dipped behind Mt. Elbert and company, the dusty blue of the sky changed to electric pink all around. And then, we made our way to Periodic Brewing in Leadville, where they signed their marriage license and broke into a doughnut cake, pints in hand, savoring the moment and the promise of all that lies ahead.