Denver Botanic Gardens Chatfield Farms Wedding | Denver, Colorado

When I first met Kaylin and Aaron, they told me about their plan for their wedding day—which was really that they didn’t have much of a plan. As much as they wanted to celebrate with their closest family and friends, neither of them were particularly interested in spending too much time planning or deciding on a lot of unnecessary details. This is true of so many of the couples I work with, and it’s an approach that I have great appreciation for. Couples who don’t get caught up in planning lots of little details are able to focus on what really matters—each other, family, friends, and creating a welcoming and enjoyable celebration (which, contrary to popular belief, has very little to do with decorations). And because they haven’t spent hundreds of hours planning out every last detail, couples like Kaylin and Aaron don’t get fazed when the unexpected happens—like an epic thunderstorm in the hour before their ceremony, when they had planned to do all of their portraits!

As I waited at Denver Botanic Garden’s Chatfield Farms for Kaylin and Aaron and their families to arrive, watching the water flood the farm fields and parking lot around me, I crossed my fingers that the storm would pass—but it wasn’t looking good. Within minutes the sky had darkened so that it almost felt like night. I started setting up my lights in the farmhouse to take photos inside, as Kaylin and Aaron went about preparing for the wedding day around me, pinning on boutonnieres, peeking out the windows at the storm, and chatting with their family and friends as the thunder crashed outside.

And then…the thunder stopped. The rain started to taper off. It looked like the storm was finally passing. Despite the unseasonable chill in the air and a slight drizzle, we all dashed outside to take some family photos. (I love it when couples aren’t afraid of a little rain!). The last of the rain soon passed, leaving behind a brilliant rainbow to usher Kaylin and Aaron to their ceremony.

And what a ceremony! Kaylin and Aaron self-officiated, and they had clearly spent significant time preparing their vows, which were infused with so much feeling, warmth, humor, and love.
That warm feeling carried through the evening, from dinner, to toasts, to drinks and dancing under the stars. I feel so fortunate to have been asked to document such a heartfelt, beautiful celebration. Congratulations Kaylin and Aaron!