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Travel | Corsica: Trekking the Tra Mare e Monti and beyond

After photographing Johannes and Swenja’s wedding in Germany this summer, Austin and I spent a couple weeks trekking around the mountains of Corsica and Morocco. I’ll come back to Morocco in a later post, but for now…Corisca.

In Corsica, we hiked a portion of the Tra Mare e Monti. The first few days saw us trekking over rugged mountain paths densely carpeted with thick clusters of incredibly fragrant mountain herbs like lavender, rosemary, fennel, and oregano (the “maquis”). We then encountered the delightful Fango river, famous for it’s fabulous swimming holes (and rightfully so). At another point we traversed a fifteenth-century Genoese bridge, constructed by hand, stone by stone, and still holding strong. My parents, who were enjoying a European excursion of their own, met up with us in the charming mountain town of Ota, and we explored the island more extensively together by car, from the white cliffs of Bonifacio back up to Bastia. In researching the trip, we learned that Napoleon was born in Corsica. After visiting, we found it incomprehensible that he would have ever left, much less decided on a winter march into Russia. Now we’re looking for a good excuse to go back—destination wedding anyone?