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Sunset Mountaintop Elopement | Rocky Mountains, Colorado

I love it when couples are up for a bit of adventure on their elopement day, especially when it includes hiking to the top of a beautiful mountain at sunset! When Robin and Anthony decided that they didn’t want the stress of a big wedding day, they decided to elope to Colorado where they knew they could have a low-stress but adventurous celebration that was just right for them. I feel so fortunate that this lovely pair invited me along to document their elopement! Here are a few of my favorite images from their mountaintop adventure.

Colorado Sunrise Elopement | Mount Evans, CO

I was thrilled when Erin and Kevin reached out to me about photographing their elopement last summer, which they envisioned as a sunrise ceremony in the mountains of Colorado. They were going to be flying in from Alabama, and making an adventurous trip of it—eloping, and then road-tripping through Colorado for a few days. After exchanging excited emails for a few weeks, we met the morning of their elopement on the side of a mountain in the deep darkness of pre-dawn. (One of the great things about eloping in Colorado is the option to have a self-solemnized ceremony. If you want to get married on a mountaintop at dawn, you don’t need to find an officiant who’s willing to go with you—just a photographer!)

We hiked out to a lovely vista, where Erin and Kevin exchanged their vows in an emotional ceremony as the first sunbeams crested the horizon. After their ceremony, we drove further up the mountain for a few photos at the top of Mount Evans, where we were greeted by a small herd of bighorn sheep, strong winds, and blowing snow. Even so, Erin and Kevin were totally up for getting out and taking a few photos at the summit. Indeed, for couples who are willing to brave a little wind or snow, it can make for some of the best photos! Leaving the wintry summit behind us, we drove back down below the tree line to Echo Lake to sign the marriage license and take a few portraits in the warm sunshine.

As the three of us drove around the mountain that day, chatting and laughing in between braving the wind and snow and gawking at big horn sheep—I kept thinking how thankful I am for couples I work with: incredibly kind and generous-spirited people like Erin and Kevin, who welcome me into their story for a brief time, and entrust me with the telling of it.