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Travel | A Long Weekend in Moab, UT

A few weeks ago, Austin and I spent a long weekend in Moab, Utah—a much needed break from the seemingly interminable winter here in Boston. Southeast Utah is one of my favorite parts of the country, and we try to make a trip out there every year or two. We typically like to spend most of our time trekking in the back-country (the more remote the better!), but given the short duration of this trip, a back-country trek just wasn’t feasible. Instead, we made our home base in Moab, while doing several day hikes in Arches and Canyonlands.

It was early spring—the cottonwoods still bare, but the wildflowers just beginning to bloom, and the juniper laden with berries. We started our hikes at dawn, when the desert critters (mostly birds and rabbits in this case) are still active, and the light creates beautiful contrast as it skirts across the red rock formations. Indeed, the stunning colors and grand vistas of the desert landscape often overwhelm the less insistent beauty of the flora and fauna that find their home amidst the cracks of crevices of sandstone.