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A visit to Washington State | Seattle & Mt. Rainier

Back in November, Austin and I made a quick trip home to Washington state to visit my family. We spent a day in Seattle, where we strolled around Gasworks Park, enjoying the dramatic atmosphere created by some unusually volatile--and windy--weather. A few days later, we took a mini road-trip with my parents up Chinook Pass to Mount Rainier. Though we encountered some black ice and frigid temperatures at the pass, the day was brilliant and clear. The temperature warmed as we made our way back down to the park, where we took a brief hike through the Grove of the Patriarchs. The heavy rains of the day before gave way to a damp, misty morning, the sunlight slanting down to the forest floor where a colorful array of mushrooms sprouted up from the damp undergrowth. We were there early enough in the day that we had the forest to ourselves--a good thing since the suspension foot bridge can only be crossed by one person at a time!