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Heirloom Wedding Albums | i.e. How to ensure that your wedding photos aren’t lost to the planned obsolescence of modern technology.

When was the last time you used a 3.5" floppy disk (or even saw a computer with one of those clunky slots)? Imagine having your wedding photos stored on one. How would you get to them, if at all? Digital storage technologies promise security and perpetuity, but only until the next upgrade. When your wedding photos exist only in digital form, their continued accessibility is dependent on you transferring them to the latest digital storage device every few years.

I want my clients to be able to enjoy their photos for a lifetime, and to share them with generations to come. The best way to ensure that has always been—and will remain—the craftsmanship of a quality print.

As an add-on to my standard wedding coverage, I offer custom designed albums. These albums are heirloom quality—made in the USA, beautifully bound in linen, with flush-mount pages and stunning print quality. I offer a selection of different colors and sizes; pictured below is the 12x12 inch album.

There are certainly other ways to print and preserve your photos, but hardly any this handsome.  If you’re a current or former wedding client, and are interested in learning more about our albums, contact me for details.