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World's End Engagement Session | Hingham, MA

Weather reports sometimes stir up worries for clients in the days before a shoot. “65% chance of rain? That means we should reschedule, right?” Not necessarily. The thing about storms is that if the timing’s right, they can make for a quality of light unattainable at any other time. That was what happened with Brynna and Andrew’s summer engagement session at World’s End in Hingham, MA. Although a big storm was predicted for that day, we talked it over and decided to wait and see what would happen. Fortunately, it started early in the day and passed by the late afternoon, having cleared out the air and leaving behind a few clouds that came together for a stunning sunset over downtown Boston. Not that these two needed any supplementary radiance—they exuded quite a lot of their own! We look forward to photographing their wedding at the Willowdale Estate next spring!